Running X11 - 5. Xtools

5.1 Installing Xtools

Now that's easy for a change. Get the installer, double-click it, and follow the instructions. Be sure to select the startup volume when asked.

If you're using Fink, you should install the system-xtools package after you've installed Xtools. That package will not install any files, it will just check that the libraries etc. are there and act as a placeholder in Fink's dependency system.

5.2 Running Xtools

To run Xtools, double-click in your Applications folder. Like XFree86, Xtools will run the clients you specify in your .xinitrc file. Xtools additionally allows you to start clients via the menu.

5.3 OpenGL Notes

Xtools does hardware-accelerated OpenGL in rootless mode and comes with the libraries to support it. While the main libGL library is fine, the libGLU and libglut libraries are only present as static libraries, which is not sufficient for full binary compatibility with XFree86. Also, some headers are missing. Fink doesn't offer a workaround at this time. Hopefully this will be fixed in Xtools 1.1 once it is released.

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