Note: Below you will find a rough translation of the German article recently posted on The Fink project is happy to have started a logo contest. Everyone is invited to join this joint effort in finding a graphical representation of what Fink stands for. More information can be found in the translation below.

A logo for the Fink Project.

Macwelt, Europe's best selling magazine for MacIntosh and mac-publishing, asks its readers to create a logo for the open source project Fink.

Munich/Macwelt - Fink needs a face. The open source project lead by developer Max Horn, Benjamin Reed and Dave Morrison is looking for a logo. Macwelt is actively supporting this open source project, asking all of its readers and those interested in finding a logo for the Fink Community. Similar to the red devil of the Darwin Project or the little Gimp man the Fink logo should meet the demands of modern day print media. Therefore it is necessary for this logo to be created in RGB, CMYK and B/W. It should scale to large formats such as DIN A0 as well as tiny ones to sit in the corner of a business card.

The bird "Darwin Finke" (Darwin Finch) does not have to be present. Rather the Fink projects asks the artists to let their fantasy play freely. Quoting Fink's public Relations Manager David H. "Everything is allowed. From graffiti to comic. Even photographs are welcome".
He also created a little check list for the Fink Jury, those willing to submit their artwork, should make sure that it meets most requirements.

The contest will be running the next six weeks on the pages of Macwelt. Sent in logos will be shown in the Macwelt gallery area as well as on the Fink Website. Macwelt is hoping to provide the winner with a prize. Accepted Formats for the sent in logo are TIFF as well as PDF. The pieces of artwork should be sent to with a subject of Fink logo. The Macwelt team will take it from there.

The Fink Project would like to thank Macwelt for their support, we are looking forward to your submission and hope that you will be amongst the winners.