The Fink project is maintained by a group of volunteers. Each Fink package has a Maintainer who works hard to ensure the package works as desired. Furthermore there is the fink core team that works on the fink program itself. The web site has to be kept current. Users need support, provided via our mailing lists and our IRC channel #fink on the network. These and many more tasks require a lot of work, thus we would like to say "Thank you" to all these people who sacrifice their spare time to help the community. As such, this page contains a list of people that have contributed to Fink in some way.

So many people have helped Fink over the course of time that it's hard for us to list all of you. If you think you should be on this list but aren't, drop us a mail and we will consider including you in the next revision of this list.

Italicized items denote nicknames used on the IRC channel.

Former project lead (retired)

Former Core Team members

Fink Core Team

Administrativa and PR.

Regular Contributors

Support, Translation and Documentation Team

Occasional Contributors