Running X11 - 3. Getting and Installing X11

3.1 Apple's Distributions

All of the OS X versions currently supported by Fink use an X11 distribution from Apple. The supported configurations are:

To build packages, if you're using the stock X11 on 10.5-10.7, for Xcode <= 4.2.1 you will also need to make sure that the X11 SDK is installed (though this is normally the case by default). XQuartz users on 10.5 should not do this, since XQuartz contains everything. On 10.7, the Command Line Tools for Xcode >= 4.3 contains the X11 SDK. On 10.8, you only need to install XQuartz.

All of the X11 packages support both full-screen and rootless operation, and have OpenGL support.

For more information on using Apple's X11, check out this article at the Apple Developer Connection.

3.2 Using X11 via Fink

Fink keeps track of X11 via a set of virtual packages. The most important of these are:

Note: The presence of the separate system-xfree86* and x11* families is a holdover from OS versions prior to 10.5, where Fink had its own X11 packages which also provided the x11 family.

If you are missing any of these packages, then you're missing files from your X11 installation and may need to (re)install something. For example, if x11-dev and system-xfree86-dev are missing, this often indicates that the X11 SDK hasn't been installed.

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