fink-commits Mailing List

The fink-commits gives you live news from the Fink development front. Whenever one of the developers commits new code or a new package to the CVS repository, a mail with the changes is sent to this list.

The mails will appear to come from the person who made the commit, so you can simply hit reply when you have questions about the change.


fink-commits is a high traffic list, and you are strongly advised to use your mailer's filtering feature. You can filter the Subject lines that begin with the following strings:

fink/ Changes to the fink module, i.e. the package manager code.
dists/ New or updated packages.
dists/dist/unstable New or updated unstable packages in a given dist (10.3, 10.4-transtional, etc.).
dists/dist/stable Packages in the given dist that have been moved from unstable to stable.
web Changes to the Fink website


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