Source update after updating Mac OS X

After you've updated the OS, the first thing to do to update Fink via source is to run fink selfupdate to make sure you have a version of the fink package that is compatible with your new OS version. Then you should run sudo /sw/lib/fink/ This should insure that Fink is pointing at the correct distribution for your OS.

If you're using the UseBinaryDist option, then run sudo apt-get update so that the homebuilt binary package listings appropriate for your new OS are used. Lastly, whether you're using UseBinaryDist or not, you should run fink selfupdate again, since the prior run only downloaded the packages appropriate to your prior OS version.

Repairing the Upgrade Path

Certain versions of Fink have had difficulties with upgrades when running fink selfupdate (without CVS). The result is a message which states that Fink is up-to-date, even though (as the message reports) the installed version is older than the latest version. Here is how to update in this situation:

    Fink-0.5.0a -> Fink-0.5.1

  1. Install an older version of the fink package manager, by running the following commands in a window:

    curl -O
    sudo dpkg -i fink_0.11.1-10_darwin-powerpc.deb
    rm fink_0.11.1-10_darwin-powerpc.deb
  2. Now update as usual, by running fink selfupdate.