Upgrade Instructions for Mac OS X 10.3

It is now possible to upgrade Fink to take full advantage of the gcc 3.3 compiler, or to use OS X 10.3 if you have that installed. Both source users and binary users can upgrade; however, at present the binary version is much more stable and reliable than the source version.

If you wish to perform this upgrade (in source form), and you had previously installed the June 2003 Developer Tools update from Apple, you will need to install the August 2003 Developer Tools update BEFORE you upgrade Fink. Under 10.3, be sure to install XCode from the XCode disk before upgrading Fink.

Running "fink selfupdate" should perform the upgrade for you. The latest version of the fink package manager will automatically detect which version of OS X and which version of gcc you have installed, and will adjust itself accordingly.

If you wish to do a fresh install of Fink on a 10.3 system, we recommend bootstrapping from source, starting from fink-full-0.6.1.tar.gz available on fink's sourceforge download page. You'll need XCode for this as well.

Also note that once you have Fink version 0.15.0 or higher, you do not need to install system-xfree86 anymore. Fink is capable of automatically determining your system-xfree86 version if you don't already have any fink x11 packages installed. If you currently have an old system-xfree86 package of any kind installed, please run the following:

sudo dpkg -r --force-all system-xfree86 system-xfree86-42 \
system-xfree86-43; fink selfupdate; fink index

The Fink team is still working on getting Fink packages working under 10.3, but many many packages already work.