i18n - 4. Additional Resources

4.1 Important Links

Internationalization is a complicated subject. The resources provided below can serve as a valuable second source of information. You are advised to read them carefully if you wish to delve deeper into this subject.

  1. Unicode in XML and other Markup Languages
  2. Tutorial: Character sets & encodings
  3. W3C Internationalization Activity
  4. UTF-8 and Unicode FAQ for Unix/Linux

4.2 Editors

There are various editors you can use to edit files. This is a short list of recommended editors. Some editors are complicated to use or command line only and thus not suited for everybody. We will try to provide a list of editors suitable for about anyone.

4.3 Useful Tools

The command line interface is not meant for everyone. The following list of useful tools are often graphical frontends to those command line tools. They are provided for your convenience.

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