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written October 25th, 2003

The past three months of 2003 have been very interesting.
We conducted a logo creation contest . The support from our community was almost overwhelming with participants from all over the world we learned how many are interested in Fink and willing to share their time and expertise to create something for Fink.
More than 85 pieces of art have been submitted and we had to choose a winner. To make this as transparent as possible to you all, I shall explain how we did that.

The, at the time, three main Administrators: Max Horn Benjamin Reed Dave R. Morrison and I had to decide on our four personal favourites in the first round. After collecting all the information, we decided on four overall favourites, those four remaining pieces of work were then voted on by distributing points. A sample vote could have looked like this:

  1. Piece A ? 30 points
  2. Piece B ? 25 points
  3. Piece C ? 20 points
  4. Piece D ? 15 points

After receiving all the votes from the main Administrators summing up the points and adding my own one of our participants had to be the victor and I am proud to present his work as our new, official Fink logo.
Big logo

This is the work of Paul Enste. For those of you who are premium members a little interview can be found here. Since I know that not all of you might be able to access that nor able to comprehend German well enough, there will be a follow up interview with Mister Enste in English as soon as time permits.

Mister Enste and I are still working on a licensing agreement, it will be posted as soon as it has been formally agreed upon, until then every third party is forbidden to display or otherwise use this logo until further notice has been given here or elsewhere on the Fink homepage.

We hope that you all enjoy the new look, but for all that we know that not everyone might take a fancy to it. Comments are of course welcome.
You may voice your critique or praise on

Sincerely Yours,
D. Höhn Fink Team