Porting - 4. Preparing for 10.2

4.1 The bash shell

Fink made the transition from OS X 10.0 to OS X 10.1 fairly easily, thanks in part to planning ahead for the changes that were coming. We will try to do the same for the next transition, but not many details are known yet.

We understand that OS X 10.2 will use bash rather than zsh to provide /bin/sh functionality. This has at least three implications for fink.

4.2 The gcc3 compiler

Mac OS X 10.2 uses the gcc3 compiler.

Some packages which have loadable modules and use libtool fail with an install_name error, because libtool passes the -install_name flag even along with the -bundle flag (when it is not strictly needed). This behavior was accepted by the gcc2 compiler but is not being accepted by the gcc3 compiler. The fix can be found here. Note that you do not need the patch if your package uses libtool-1.3.5 (for example, if you are using UpdateLibtool: True) since it has already been incorporated into a revised version of fink's ltconfig file (available in pre-release versions of fink).

Another issue with the gcc3 compiler is an incompatibility for C++ ABIs between gcc2 and gcc3. In practice, this means that C++ programs compiled with gcc3 cannot link to libraries compiled with gcc2.

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